Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Playing "Ketchup"

Let's just play a quick round of catch up here...

December was a crazy busy month!! I got transferred over to Aldo at the end of November. I'm no longer a Spring Girl.. it's kindof bitter sweet. I had been working there since we opened up Spring in 2007 so I'm sad to leave, but promotions are always good, right?

My friend Steph has been meeting with the missionaries!! =)

Kendra Tidmarsh and I got to sing in church one sunday.. that was fun.

Lots of time spent with the fam, boyfriend and his fam.  Just a little FYI... Jermaine and I havn't gone a single day without seeing eachother since our first date! That's 86 days in a row... and we're still not sick of eachother! (That's a good sign, right ;-) ??)

Jermaine and I finally got our Christmas shopping done on Christmas eve (accompanied by a couple breakdowns from moi... =] ) Then we got to hang out with his family! Jermaine had a wonderful selfless idea this Christmas. Rather than have his family buy presents for eachother, they all bought presents for a family in more need than them. So we went to their house to sing carols and deliver pesents. So thoughtful!
I was feeling a little less than in the Christmas Spirit from the lack of snow on the ground (Christmas just isn't the same without the "winter wonderland-esque" look) Jermaine, Sarah, Lane and Hamish humored my silly idea by driving to the ice arena to shovel a truck-load of snow in the back of Lane's truck, then we spread it all over the Flemming's front lawn to make it look like we had a white Christmas! It made me SO happy!! Definitely helped this Scrooge get more in the Christmas spirit! Speaking of Christmas spirit... I also got to go to the Nativity for the first time!! I'm not even mad that I froze... because that meant I got to snuggle close to that man of mine while being reminded of the true meaning of Christmas! I loved it! Jermaine's family is great! We ate dinner, then headed out to Raymond to make gingerbread houses with my family! After those sugar filled shenanigans, we opened our Christmas Jammies, took our christmas eve jammie photos, and then headed back into Lethbridge to sleep at the Flemming's. (Excuse the lack of pictures. I forgot what a camera was for the most part of the season.) Christmas morning was silly.  All you could hear was the boys upstairs, giddy with excitement that Santa found them and that they got to peak in their stockings! Santa even found ME at the Flemming residence! Yup, I got my very own stocking! (Thank you sweet Shirley!)
Jafar and I had to hussle out to Raymond for 9 am church with my entire family! =) my mom, Lori Anne and I got to sing in a couple songs for the Christmas program.

Opening presents seemed to be over before it began. Paper was flying, kids were yelling with excitement and thank you's were being passed around with each present. We all got spoiled.


Ashton and his transformer slippers, my beautiful momma, and my skanky hank!

JAmaine et moi =)

The present elves! handing out presents!


Ashton!! Busted!!!

lego building sesh
We crashed pretty hard after all the excitement... Jermaine and I may or may not have had a little *ahem* 3 hour... nap... we were tired okay?! Christmas is great, but that nap was glorious and much needed! Then we went back to Jermaine's house and hung out with his family again!

Boxing day was CA-RAZY!! We survived though!
Aldo Girls!

Its tradition!
New Years was grand! Jermaine and I wouldn't have wanted to spend it any other way! We went out to Calgary to spend it with Camilla, Ryan and Everee. We went with them to a king crab dinner party. There were tons of people (none of which we knew except for the Pratts) They had the most divine food, a gorgeous house with the funnest toys! (including an ice rink, quads and a hot tub!) Everyone was so nice and so fun! We definitely enjoyed ourselves and it was a great way to kick-off the new year!!!
Oh, my lazy eye? You didn't know?

Jermaine and I after hot tubing
Happy New Year!!
  On another note, Jermaine bought a house! So the majority of our spare time has been spent on calgary shopping trips and getting things ready and organized for him to move in! Exciting!!

Well.. now that I am decently "ketchup-ed" on the past month and a half, I might actually start blogging again! =)

I Don't Make Bets Unless I Know I'll Win

Just for future reference for all ya'll out there...

The old boyfriend thought he would be cocky and make a couple bets with me one night... one of the bets was to see who could lay outside in the snow for the longest. Jerms chickened out before we even started, but I stuck it out and layed in the snow for over a minute. Who won an hour massage? That's right! This girl! =)

(And who has the best boyfriend?! That's right! This girl!)