Sunday, April 17, 2011

I'd Rather Burst My Appendix

For the past 6 months I have been experiences a reoccurring sharp pain in my lower right abdomen.  I couldn't breath in deeply; I couldn't apply any pressure on it; I couldn't stretch it out, I just had to wait it out. Chance and I thought that perhaps it could be my appendix so we looked up the symptoms of appendicitis... then we forgot about it and just let it be

On Tuesday afternoon, we were learning how to do craniosacral massages.  I was getting this massage when my sharp pain came back! It was probably the worst it has been so far! I could only take shallow breaths (as deep diaphragmatic breathing really irritated it) and it was referring pain up to about my 12th rib (it has only ever been local to the area just medial to my right hip bone).  I asked my teacher if it was normal to get these reoccurring pains... nope.  She asked me some questions: Bladder infection? nope. Constipated? nope. Preggo? NOPE! Then she told me I should probably go to the hospital to get it checked out as it might be appendicitis. I just got up, got a drink of water, tried to stretch as much as the pain would allow me, and walked it off... then forgot about getting a doctors appointment
THEN on wednesday evening at around 11 pm, I got that stinkin pain again! real bad! like 9/10 bad. I was really sweaty and uncomfortable and I was tossing and turning in bed; then eventually texted Chance at around 1 am.  He looked up the symptoms again
Chance: "What side hurts?"
me: "Bottom right. Hurts most when I take deep breaths, press on it, or stretch it at all"
Chance: "Above pubic bone and below belly button?"
me: "Yes"
Chance: "I think you should go in tonight"
me: "If you say so..."

The website said if you are experiencing any of these symptoms (pain, nausea, vomiting, fever), go to the hospital immediately!
So Chance picked me up and our overnight adventure began!
I checked into the hospital around 2 am.  The nurses coulnd't figure out why my Alberta Health Card said X X Garner (note to self, ask mother why I don't have a first name) I waited for about a half hour before anyone came into my room. They took my blood... and I didn't see anyone for another half hour. There were people who I noticed came in after me, yet were getting treated before me! (no, they didn't have a bullet wound, or an amputated limb or anything.. therefore there was no reason to put priority for them over me!) By the time the doctor got to my room, my pain had been long gone! He just asked me a couple questions, then was on his way. I snuck Chancey into my room and we played way too many rounds of "I-Spy" while the clock ticked another hour away. Note to anyone who reads this post. I wouldn't play I-Spy with Chance if I were you. He picks the most ridiculously small bits of color that are next to impossible to find!... and then he would guess mine in a second!
Me: "I spy with my little eye, something that is... brown!"
Chance: "The door."
Me: "Noooo....."
Chance: "..."
Me: "Dangit!! How are you so good at this game?!" as he rolls his eyes at me...
I'm never playing that game again!

Finally the doctor came back in and all's he did was press on my tummy, stretched my leg here and there a little, and left me in the room again! Eventually a nurse came in to get a urine sample, took her sweet time to come back to my room to get it, and THEN we had to wait for all my test results to come back!!
Anyways... my test results indicated no infection, white blood cell count low, electrolytes high, appendix are fine (phew!), kidneys are fine.. blah blah. But he wanted me to come back in the morning to get an ultrasound. 
We got a little bit of shut-eye around 6 am.  I got 2 phonecalls around 9 and 10 am asking for "X X Garner" to come in for an ultrasound.  Soooo... back to the hospital we went! We actually got into my ultrasound appointment right away (no waiting! I was impressed!)  3 more times was I inquired about my name "X" during the ultrasound... seriously, I don't know why! Chance and I were going to make up a cool story to tell people when asked if that was my real name. 
I had to go into my ultrasound on an empty stomach and a full bladder... and boy was it full! I thought I was going to wet my pants, the way the ultrasound technician was shoving that thing into my stomach!
Chance was quite entertained with the ultrasound.  Trying to guess what the black and white images popping up were.  He said it reminded him of his childhood of black and white TVs.

They gave us a little slip of paper of their findings in my tummy that we had to take back to the doctor so we could get my full test results.  All the paper said was that my intestines were fine, appendix fine, bladder fine, & that I had lots of little follicles in my ovaries (I guess that means I won't have any problems having babies?)
We waited in the line up, we waited in the waiting room and then we waited some more in the hospital room! We got sooooo fed up with waiting! It was ridiculous cause we could see my doctor just sitting there!! Drinking his coffee and talking with the nurses! I got so impatient that I stormed up to the desk to tell them that we had been waiting in the room for over 2 hours when all the doctor needed to do was come in and read me my results to tell me I was fine so I could go home! The man's response "The doctor will be with you as soon as he can" as he put his head down and turned his chair away from me to escape the evil stink eye I was giving him. 
If you can believe it... we waited over 3 hours just for the doctor to come in and read EXACTLY what was on the paper from the ultrasound and to tell us that he wasn't sure what was causing my pain! Unbelievable! It took all of my self control to not rip his head off! (We were really fussy by then if you couldn't tell... lack of sleep and over 24 hours of not eating will do that to ya!)

We raced to Fuddruckers and stuffed our faces with yummy greasy hamburgers (So worth it! So divine!), had a half hour power nap, and then went to my gold medal soccer game (which we lost by one point! Boo-urns!)

Anyways... If you feel like this post was pointless, anti-climactic, and a waste of you're time... I know how ya feel.  That's exactly how I feel about those 2 days spent at the hospital.  I mean, don't get me wrong.. I'm happy that I'm healthy and all... but next time, if I had the choice of waiting at that hospital or having my appendix burst... I'd rather burst my appendix (Chance says "you realize that that if your appendix burst, you would get sepsis, and die?" Yes... yes I do realize that.)

P.S. we still don't know what's wrong with me, so if any of you wannabe doctors out there want to diagnose me, give it your best shot! Cause I'm pretty curious!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

No One Ugly Allowed

Disregard the completely shallow title. You'll understand if you watch the youtube video.

I'm not gunna lie, I get a little giddy when watching the fashion channel and runway disasters come on. It makes me giggle like a little girl watching these fashionista's face plant it on the catwalk.

In other news... I'm finished ALL major assignments for the year!! I can't express how happy I am about this and how much my stress levels have gone down!!
9 more days til a 10 day Easter Break and 13 more days til Arizona!!! Wahooooo!! Life is great!

Monday, April 11, 2011


Just to update ya'll:
This morning I put on a pair of jeans!... still rockin the 'bunny hug'.
I put on a little bit of makeup!!!... still didn't brush my hair.
And I painted my toe nails!
Not bad huh?!

...Valena and I had a girls night on Friday  while our men were studying for finals. We baked some cookies (then delieved them to our sweeties), watched a chick flick ("How do you Know"- with Reese Witherspoon, Owen Wilson & Paul Rudd- I don't recommed it.  It was soo slow & boring that we ended up fast forwarding it to see how it ended. Ending sucked too) & painted our toe nails!
We also buffed our fingernails, which we were both pretty excited about! (I swear we aren't as girly as you think...) Neither of us could stop rubbing/looking at our smooth, shiny nails!! ... I may or may not have also stolen Chance's hands while he was studying the next day and buffed his nails for him too =)

Anyways... I just wanted to update ya'll and let ya know that I'm not a complete hobo (as portrayed so in my last post)

Perhaps I Should Start Brushing My Hair...

So the other day in Physiology class, I was telling my school buddy about Chance's birthday weekend, and proceeded to show her the pictures of our evening of bowling.
Her- "Ooo that looks like a lot of fun... but where are you??"
Me, confused- "Umm.. right there, there & there.. obviously!." *points to all three pictures
Her- "OOOHH! You look so different in those pictures than you do at school. I didn't even recognize you!!"
Teacher, laughing at us- "I'm not sure if you should take that as a compliment or not, Amy"

By this point I was crying on the inside laughing at the mistake that had been made as i came to the realization that I really have let myself go! I wake up every morning for school and weigh my option:

SWEATS VS. JEANS... Sweats. I'd rather be comfy.  And if it's my turn to get massaged that day, it's easier to slip off/on my oh-so-hideously-comfy sweats... besides.. why change, when you can just roll right out of bed and go..? Time managment people!!

HOODIE VS. CUTSIE TOP WITH CARDI... Hoodie (or 'bunny hug', as my crazy Saskatchewan peers like to call it) HELLLLOOO... I live in SASKATOON... perma-winter city!! As well as a stingy school who doesn't believe in heating apparently *One time, I was dressed in a long sleeve shirt, 2 hoodies, winter jacket, sweatpants, wooliest socks, Ugg boots & touque (Im dead serious!) and I went downstairs to administrative to beg "can we p-p-pleeeease turn the h-h-heat up? I'm f-f-f-freeeeazing!" admin lady- "I've already turned the heat up as much as I feel I need to today". (Yes, this ACTUALLY happened!) Can ya blame me for wearing my most frumpy (but so sooo warm!) 'bunny hug'??

MAKE-UP VS AU NATUREL... Au naturel. I am combatting this pubescent villian called acne. I don't want to encourage it more by smearing oily make-ups all over my face! Besides... I have no one to impress...

BRUSHING HAIR VS. NOT...BRUSHING HAIR... Again... time management.  There is only 24 hours in a day here people!!!

So there ya have it... Justification is sweet isn't it??


... Perhaps I SHOULD start brushing my hair

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Evil Twin

You know on those movies where the twin sisters come out of their room dressed exactly the same? Then they fight about who was wearing it first and force one of them to go change?? I am having one of those moments. I was downstairs folding my laundry when my evil twin sister walked out of her room wearing the EXACT SAME OUTFIT AS ME!!! And when I say 'evil'... I mean evil.  When I say 'twin'... I mean she shares the same name as me.  and when I say 'sister'.. I mean roommate. 

I kid you not... her wardrobe was identical to mine! the same purple hoodie from Garage and black yoga pants.  If I didn't dislike her so much, it might have been one of those "ha-ha-funny-let's-take-a-picture!" moment, but instead, I wanted to roundhouse kick her in the back of the head.

"Mm mmm Satan! Not this time!"

At what point do you throw in the towel and say "I give up!"?
At what point do you draw the line?
At what point is it out of your hands?
At what point is it safe to say you have given it your all and there's nothing more you can do?

I honestly don't know.

A year ago, I thought I knew exactly who I was & who I wanted to become.  I thought I knew exactly where my life was going; where I would be, who I would be with, the things I would be a part of, how my attitude and perspective would be towards everyday life... The fact is.. I have no idea anymore. 

We all say, "our trials make us stronger"
                            "we learn and grow with each trial we have".

Funny... I feel the weakest I have ever been.

I guess I am thankful for my trials...  One day I will be able to pick myself up from the ground, brush the dirt off my shoulders and realize "oh... that's why I had this experience.  I needed to mature in this way.  I needed to grow stronger in that way... and this is the person I have become during the process".  
I'm reminded of 2 scriputres in Alma:

Alma 36:3
"...For I do know that whosoever shall put their trust in God shall be supported in their trials, and their troubles, and their afflictions, and shall be lifted up at the last day"

Alma 13:28
"But that ye would humble yourselves before the Lord, and call on his holy name, and watch and pray continually, that ye may not be tempted above that which ye can bear, and thus be led by the Holy Spirit, becoming humble, meek, submissive, patient, full of love and long-suffering"

This scripture in Alma goes along with 1 Corinthians 10:13 talking about how God will not suffer us to be tempted above what we are able; but will make a way to escape, that we might be able to bear it. 

I have also heard that we should be thankful for our trials, because that means we are doing something RIGHT! Satan WANTS to tempt the righteous... to bring them down.  Soooo that's when we need to kick him in the butt and say "mm mmm Satan! Not this time!!"  haha

Anyways... I guess the point I am getting at is that I am going to try to stay hopeful. Do my best. Rely on the Lord... and let Him take it from there. Hopefully I will find out who I am in the process =)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I have the most gorgeous best friend in the world!!!
She is seriously the best! Let me tell you why...

1. She reads books at lightning speed (I bet she skips half the book just to make it SEEM like she's so fast!... I'm on to you Becky..)

2. She makes a really good wingwoman

3.her hair is always perfect! (stupid idiot..)

4. We like to attract the men

5. We are the fussiest britches (yes I meant to say BRITCHES... like knickers.. britches) around, that we just kill ourselves with laughter

6. She has the best teeth! That's why my little Sparky is going to be a dental assistant! Im so proud =')

7. She is independant and speaks her opinion regardless of what anyone thinks

8. She has the same love interest for food as I do

9. We love palm trees!

10. She is very strong in the church

11. She is quite content with lazing around a pool in the Arizona heat for hours on end.

12. She has an appreciation for shopping/clothes/shoes (a woman of my own heart <3 )

13. we love spooning

14. We have the same sense of humor and think alike (allergic to latex.. hmmm...)

15. We always end up having fun even when we don't want to be social, or have monsters zits growing from our chin and shouldn't be in public...

16. we LOVE summer, tans, wearing no makeup, bikinis, waterparks (with suicidal slides), water, ski doos, sun burn smiley faces

17. She is very athletic and active (she plays Rugby! And she's daaang good at it too!) 

18. She enjoys a good creep session

19. She likes rodeos ;)

20. She'll always catch me when I fall (haha)

Her name is Becky Sparks and