Monday, April 11, 2011


Just to update ya'll:
This morning I put on a pair of jeans!... still rockin the 'bunny hug'.
I put on a little bit of makeup!!!... still didn't brush my hair.
And I painted my toe nails!
Not bad huh?!

...Valena and I had a girls night on Friday  while our men were studying for finals. We baked some cookies (then delieved them to our sweeties), watched a chick flick ("How do you Know"- with Reese Witherspoon, Owen Wilson & Paul Rudd- I don't recommed it.  It was soo slow & boring that we ended up fast forwarding it to see how it ended. Ending sucked too) & painted our toe nails!
We also buffed our fingernails, which we were both pretty excited about! (I swear we aren't as girly as you think...) Neither of us could stop rubbing/looking at our smooth, shiny nails!! ... I may or may not have also stolen Chance's hands while he was studying the next day and buffed his nails for him too =)

Anyways... I just wanted to update ya'll and let ya know that I'm not a complete hobo (as portrayed so in my last post)

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