Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I have the most gorgeous best friend in the world!!!
She is seriously the best! Let me tell you why...

1. She reads books at lightning speed (I bet she skips half the book just to make it SEEM like she's so fast!... I'm on to you Becky..)

2. She makes a really good wingwoman

3.her hair is always perfect! (stupid idiot..)

4. We like to attract the men

5. We are the fussiest britches (yes I meant to say BRITCHES... like knickers.. britches) around, that we just kill ourselves with laughter

6. She has the best teeth! That's why my little Sparky is going to be a dental assistant! Im so proud =')

7. She is independant and speaks her opinion regardless of what anyone thinks

8. She has the same love interest for food as I do

9. We love palm trees!

10. She is very strong in the church

11. She is quite content with lazing around a pool in the Arizona heat for hours on end.

12. She has an appreciation for shopping/clothes/shoes (a woman of my own heart <3 )

13. we love spooning

14. We have the same sense of humor and think alike (allergic to latex.. hmmm...)

15. We always end up having fun even when we don't want to be social, or have monsters zits growing from our chin and shouldn't be in public...

16. we LOVE summer, tans, wearing no makeup, bikinis, waterparks (with suicidal slides), water, ski doos, sun burn smiley faces

17. She is very athletic and active (she plays Rugby! And she's daaang good at it too!) 

18. She enjoys a good creep session

19. She likes rodeos ;)

20. She'll always catch me when I fall (haha)

Her name is Becky Sparks and

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