Monday, April 11, 2011

Perhaps I Should Start Brushing My Hair...

So the other day in Physiology class, I was telling my school buddy about Chance's birthday weekend, and proceeded to show her the pictures of our evening of bowling.
Her- "Ooo that looks like a lot of fun... but where are you??"
Me, confused- "Umm.. right there, there & there.. obviously!." *points to all three pictures
Her- "OOOHH! You look so different in those pictures than you do at school. I didn't even recognize you!!"
Teacher, laughing at us- "I'm not sure if you should take that as a compliment or not, Amy"

By this point I was crying on the inside laughing at the mistake that had been made as i came to the realization that I really have let myself go! I wake up every morning for school and weigh my option:

SWEATS VS. JEANS... Sweats. I'd rather be comfy.  And if it's my turn to get massaged that day, it's easier to slip off/on my oh-so-hideously-comfy sweats... besides.. why change, when you can just roll right out of bed and go..? Time managment people!!

HOODIE VS. CUTSIE TOP WITH CARDI... Hoodie (or 'bunny hug', as my crazy Saskatchewan peers like to call it) HELLLLOOO... I live in SASKATOON... perma-winter city!! As well as a stingy school who doesn't believe in heating apparently *One time, I was dressed in a long sleeve shirt, 2 hoodies, winter jacket, sweatpants, wooliest socks, Ugg boots & touque (Im dead serious!) and I went downstairs to administrative to beg "can we p-p-pleeeease turn the h-h-heat up? I'm f-f-f-freeeeazing!" admin lady- "I've already turned the heat up as much as I feel I need to today". (Yes, this ACTUALLY happened!) Can ya blame me for wearing my most frumpy (but so sooo warm!) 'bunny hug'??

MAKE-UP VS AU NATUREL... Au naturel. I am combatting this pubescent villian called acne. I don't want to encourage it more by smearing oily make-ups all over my face! Besides... I have no one to impress...

BRUSHING HAIR VS. NOT...BRUSHING HAIR... Again... time management.  There is only 24 hours in a day here people!!!

So there ya have it... Justification is sweet isn't it??


... Perhaps I SHOULD start brushing my hair


  1. hahaha the contrast of the last picture is great.

  2. Is that a Griz 'bunny hug' from montana? I think I have that exact one. Either way, you make a hot hobo.

  3. yep. This Griz hoodie has done me good here in Podunk, Saskatchewan!