Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Evil Twin

You know on those movies where the twin sisters come out of their room dressed exactly the same? Then they fight about who was wearing it first and force one of them to go change?? I am having one of those moments. I was downstairs folding my laundry when my evil twin sister walked out of her room wearing the EXACT SAME OUTFIT AS ME!!! And when I say 'evil'... I mean evil.  When I say 'twin'... I mean she shares the same name as me.  and when I say 'sister'.. I mean roommate. 

I kid you not... her wardrobe was identical to mine! the same purple hoodie from Garage and black yoga pants.  If I didn't dislike her so much, it might have been one of those "ha-ha-funny-let's-take-a-picture!" moment, but instead, I wanted to roundhouse kick her in the back of the head.

1 comment:

  1. pahahaha i love this amy girl. and also i loved the use of the phrase 'roundhouse kick'.