Thursday, November 17, 2011

What a Month!!

When I think about the past month, literally, all I can think is, "What a month!!"
Life has been soooo great lately! (Minus the sprained ankles and whatnot..)
Here is a little taste of what has gone on in the life of Amy and Jermaine this month...

  • This one time, Jermaine and I went to get some sushi at Osho's. On the way there, we were having a heated discussion over who could eat the spiciest food. I was pretty confident that I would win, and he was pretty confident that he would win... So to settle the debate, we needed to have a spice-off. We got some extra wassabi; I was going to prove this guy that I was the ultimate spicy champion!! We mixed large quantities of wassabi into our soy sauce, and started eating our sushi. Jermaine and I were tied the whole time. The moment of truth came when my roommate, Alica, said she would only eat a piece of sushi (she hates it!) if I ate a whole glob of wassabi! (Does she want me to die?!) while I was debating the challange at hand, the fountain of snot and tears that would be dripping down my face, and the victory I would achieve... Jermaine popped a wassabi ball into his mouth, swallowed it, and didn't even bat an eye! ...Are you kiddin me?! No streaming tears?! No pouring snot?! No panicking while the inferno is is raging inside your mouth?! Needless to say... he won fair and square. Well played sir....

  • Roasting smores on the eternal flame torch (or whatever its called) at the cemetary. Mmm... propane tasting mallows... yum.

  • Cookie bake off!! Jermaine must have been cocky about winning the wassabi challange, because he thought he could beat me in a cookie bake off... booooy was he wrong! I won fair and square =)

  • Helped Momma G sew our zebra onesies

  • Donated blood... I couldn't believe it was J's first time!! He was a trooper though... I was so proud! haha

  • Went to Calgary for SCREAMFEST!! and to hang out with Jermaine's sister and fam! We had SUCH a good time!!

    • We went shopping in Calgary =)
    • For Halloween, we went out to Raymond to take my nephews trick or treating! We also got to wear our Zebra onesies!! Yayy!!!

  • Hung out with the fam lots.  Birthdays galore!

    • Another Calgary trip?? Suuuuure... why not?!
    • On a side note... don't you LOVE when you go to church and every lesson seems to apply to you directly?? Almost like, the talks and lessons were prepared specifically for you?? That's not just how my sunday has been, but my entire week! It has been great. Exactly what I've needed.
    • Also... Jermaine is great and I love that man of mine! He sure is something special =)

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