Monday, February 20, 2012

Sweetheart's Dance

!!FYI for any of you randoms that don't know... this post and the pictures are strictly for fun!! LDS missionaries are not actually male and female companions. Unless you are married senior companion missionaries =) !!

It was the night before the Sweetheart's dance, and we still hadn't made time to figure out what we were going to dress up as! The theme for the dance was "Famous Couples-- Red Carpet attire?" I'm not too sure how you could get away with, say, Adam and Eve... red carpet attire. If you put a suit on Adam and a dress on Eve... no one would know that you are supposed to be Adam and Eve.. ya know?

We came up with the genius idea to dress up as the most famous "couple" we know... The west side missionaries in our area! Elder Mooney and Elder Daye! They are pretty freakin famous around these parts... So we called them up, and asked to borrow some nametags. Then I borrowed some of Ricky's dress clothes-- we make-shift hemmed the pants and strapped a belt on me. I found some of my Grandma's old loafers, put my hair in a tight bun, "side-parted" my hair.. and off we went!

We definitely turned a few heads when we showed up at the dance around 10 pm ("Isn't it past your curfew, elders?!") Some people had to do a double-take because they thought for a second, that it was the real missionaries showing up at the dance!
Joseph Smith, anyone?!

We made sure to bring extra Book of Mormon's and pamphlets for all the proseliting we would be doing that evening! =P

We also had to make sure everyone was dancing a "BOM's length away" =P

We had alot of fun!!!! Although it felt a little awkward dancing to a slow song while both wearing a manly suit... You might have to try it to understand... or maybe it was the fact that I was pretending to be a guy missionary... dancing with a pretend missionary companion... weeeeird! We also made sure to turn a couple heads by doing some risque dance moves... hahah just kidding... I wouldn't know how to do risque dance moves even if I wanted to. true story.. 

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