Tuesday, July 23, 2013

This is What I've been Up to for the Past Month

Obviously its been a little longer than a month since I have updated my blog, but I just wanted to update the last month because it has been full of wonderful, fun adventures!
I'll start with Monday, June 10 when Levi and I went out to Waterton for the day. We literally went JUST for Weiners of Waterton. Ask me any day of the week if I want a Waterton hotdog. The answer is yes. Always. We also went fishing, and played some soccer until it started pouring rain. Heck... if you're already wet, you might as well go for a dip too, right??. So thats exactly what we did!! You'll come to learn in this post that Levi and I never really make plans to do anything... we just kindof fly by the seat of our pants.. but it works! And that's how we have the most fun; by making these decisions on the fly! Swimming was so cold! but so so fun!
mini photoshoot since we weren't catching anything while fishing
Levi had to go back to the rigs and I went out to visit him since I had a staff meeting out in Calgary anyways.  He was staying out in this place called Trochu, which is in the middle of nowhere. I got to his house on the Sunday and he surprised me by scooping me up in his arms, covering my eyes and bringing me inside to a huge candle lit dinner with chocolate dipped strawberries!! What a darling he is. I went to my staff meeting on Monday and was planning on just driving home afterwards. Buuuut last minute, I decided I really wanted to go hang out with Levi some more! So we went on a little date that night. He took me out to dinner and then we took his guns out shooting! This man seriously knows the way to my heart! We had SO much fun!!!!
 This is where my trip turns a little bit sour... The whole time, Levi was telling me he was going to pay for my gas and I kept politely declining his offer because I honestly didn't need it, although I appreciated his offer! So after we were done shooting, I had a shower since I was all muddy and wet. Levi took this opportunity to sneak out to my car to hide some money in a shoe in my backseat... but while doing so... he locked my keys in my car without realizing it. We went on with our evening and had a great time! I was planning on leaving at 6:30 am in order to get to work on time at 9:30am. Levi left for work at 6 am, so I was just going to let myself out. I couldn't find my keys ANYWHERE! In a panic, I called Levi just before he got to his rig to ask him if I left my keys in his car- that was the only place I could imagine they might be! He told me to check if I accidently locked them in my car. So I did. Yup. There they were. I was screwed. I started texting Levi, telling him I felt SO stupid for locking my keys in my car! Classic Amy thing to do! I was so mad at myself!
I was getting frantic! I needed to bust into my car! I flagged some old man down at 6:15 am to ask him if he could help me in any way or give me info and how to contact a locksmith, but he just laughed at me, told me good luck, and drove off!! Then proceeded to drive past me 3 more times-- probably just to laugh at how ridiculous I looked...
K fine.. maybe I did look pretty silly! I searched Levi's place high and low for something I could use to break into my car and this was the best I could come up with... a fire poker and tongs. At least give me credit for creativity! It almost worked too! Then I get a call from Levi: "Hey babe... I have a confession to make... I locked your keys in your car. I just wanted to give you some gas money... I hid $60 in your shoe... I called a locksmith and you can use that money to help pay to get your car unlocked. I am SO sorry!" 2.5 hours and $157.50 later... I was finally on the road at 8:45am and got to work by noon... oops. Levi felt so bad! But honestly, I wasn't even mad because I was just relieved to find out that it wasn't ME who locked my keys! Im such an airhead and I do stuff like this ALL the time! So I was so frustrated with myself that "I" locked my keys in my car! To make it up to me, Levi had a bouquet of flowers/massive amount of chocolate (that I'm STILL working on! #chocolatecoma ) delivered to my house, with a note that said "People ask me why Im so good at getting out of sticky situations and my response is because I have had lots of practice. I hope this partially makes up for your "suspension". Thank you for being so understanding. Love you girl" (Side note: my manager and I tricked Levi afterwards, saying that I was suspended from work for 2 weeks and that the only way I wouldn't be, is if he made a formal apology to my manager and district manager since it was his fault. haha poor guy! He felt so bad and he was totally going to do it but then I cracked and told him we got him good! And now we are even he says haha)
 I have been playing lots of soccer. As per usual. I'm playing on 3 leagues again this summer.
Levi played another prank on me and told me he wasn't going to be home from the rigs when he originally planned on it, and I believed him! But then he showed up after work with another HUGE bouquet 
This guy spoils me rotten and I don't know what I did to deserve it! I could open up a floral shop with the amount of flowers I have been given!
The next day we randomly went camping and it was so much! Full of singing, ridiculous dancing, hot coals, mallow roasting, and an obnoxious amount of laughing!
The next day we took a random trip to the states just to eat some pie and drive through the pass... but then we had to get back to Lethbridge in time for my soccer game!!  
I pulled my hamstring, so I invented the dual slurpee. It acts as an ice pack AND a drink!
Sunday best

my best friend and my mama G

manicures with my Hunny baby #matchingnails
July 1st in Raymond is equal to-- if not better than Christmas!! I had to BEG to get it off work! My brother, Brandon, has done a good job of upholding the water balloon tradition where we throw water balloons at friends and enemies we know in the parade. He let the water balloons "marinate" in the fridge over night so that they had a nice crisp chilly sting to them =) We had some left over balloons after the parade and for some reason everyone felt they needed to come after me! 
I got soaked!!
My cousins came to visit! It was so great to see everyone!! These were the guys I grew up with! Keaton was my best cousin! And I can't believe that Parker and Taylor are grown up now! and taller than me
We played a big family soccer match. After every goal, the boys yelled for us to "puddle up!" (Huddle up) so we could make our game plan... Nolan would always give us a pep talk. The last speech he gave us went something like this "We got to get the ball in the net! Let's make a distraction... and lets CHASE THAT CAT!!!" (because there was a random neighbor cat that kept coming into the yard) and let me tell you... we nailed that plan! The boys proceeded to take off after the cat (which made a good distraction) and we made a goal! haha crazy family.
Its also tradition that my grandpa and I go on a date to the Raymond stampede. I sure do love that man! Then we finished the night off right with Levi getting done work on the rigs and making it back in time to come bridge jumping and watch the fireworks with my fam!
Then off we went to Kalispel to go camping again for July 4th weekend!!
As soon as we got there, we pulled over to the first firework stand we could find, and Levi bought over $200 of fireworks! We had to use all of our self restraint not to buy more!! We were like giddy little school girls afterwards! We got camp set up at the KOA campground (How have I never heard of these before?! They are heaven!!) Its like a campground surrounded by trees and brush.. so you actually feel like you're camping... but they also have a petting zoo, a swimming pool, indoor plumbing, showers, all sorts of awesome bikes that you are allowed to ride around the campsite! Levi and I are definitely going to buy some! They were so fun!
THE BERG!! We were doing some wicked drifts in these things!
July 4th was great! We went out to eat at the Huhot Mongolian Grill! Delish! Levi and I have always wanted to go to the House of Mysteries. It was great! We had so much fun! I think our favorite part was the tilted house!
Later, we went to the beach to take a dip because it was so stinkin hot that day! and then when we got back our campsite we had a bonfire, then went to light some fireworks off!!

It was pretty cool at this campsite because they just set up a spot in the middle of this clearing where everyone was allowed to light off their own fireworks. They were going off RIGHT above our heads! It was madness because people would sometimes forget to tell you they were lighting off some big ones and last minute, they would yell at you to get out of the way so then we had to run for our lives to escape the explosions! haha I didn't quite make it out of the way one of the times and I got smoked in the face by a piece of shrapnel hah it left a pretty good welt! Now I can say I am a firework war veteran! We got home on a Saturday, when a whole new set of adventures came our way! Levi's WHOLE family (He has 7 siblings and 18 nieces and nephews! I think) came down for a big family reunion. It was pure craziness! But I loved it! So much fun to meet all his siblings and beat up on all his nieces & nephews!
Levi is really something else. He is too good to me. I used to have a CTR ring that I literally wore every day for 6 years. I was attached to say the least. One time I thought I lost it and I bawled. true story. Anyways. I gave my ring away and it was really hard (don't judge me) so Levi bought me this expensive silver CTR ring and I love it! I couldn't stop smiling! It feels so good to have a ring back on my finger! What a nice fella =)
You don't have to tell me how much of a cute couple we are. I already know. Levi took me to see the play Les Mis in Cardston (it was so great! What a talented bunch of people!) and then we went and blew stuff up with Chris!
July 9th was a jam packed day! We went to Calaway Park with Levi's whole family and it was a lot of fun! Although it was a little disheartening because Levi and I love theme parks!!... but we came to the sad realization that we are getting old and that we can't handle rides like we used to!  We went on this one helicopter ride and it was super fun.. then at the same time, both of our stomachs did a flip flop and we were sick and seeing stars haha. We got convinced to go on the gravitron right after.. and I just need to point out, that I have never actually gagged or dry heaved in a situation like this before... but while we were on the gravitron, I was -- this close to woofing my cookies!! Levi (being that child at heart that he is) was trying to shimmy up the wall and he was yelling at me to look at him and to try it too, but then he caught a glimpse of me and it wasn't looking good!! He was scared I was going to throw up everywhere! haha he was so concerned for me though! As the ride came to a stop, I literally started heaving as if I was going to throw up (but I didn't! thank heavens) and that's when I called it quits for a while and came to the depressing realization that I am officially an old fart now who has to sit everything out for fear of breaking my frail hips or throwing up on a ride.  
My favorite ride to go on was the log ride with Mason, Chase, Jackson, Keaton and Levi. Those kids are so funny!
haha I love Keaton's face (red shirt)

drooly babies
I have always wanted to go Skydiving! It wasn't a matter of IF I was going to do it one day.. but WHEN! I hadn't even told Levi that I wanted to go, but one night he told me he had a surprise for me and my response was "WE'RE GOING SKY DIVING AREN'T WE?!" haha you should have seen his face. It was a mixture of shock that I guessed right, but also a little fear that I might be a voodoo witchcrafter that I could read his mind like that. Anyways.. We did it!! We went SKYDIVING!!!
It was such a surreal experience! I wasn't even scared at all! In fact, when they asked who wanted to go first, I jumped up with no hesitation and volunteered to go first! Levi and I are most likely going to take some classes so that we can do jumps on our own!
This was after I went and right before Levi went up!
Annnnd after! He was a little pumped if you couldn't tell. haha!
 A little post skydiving photo op hah. Honestly, it feels like it was a dream! It was just so surreal! If you have never been, I definitely suggest going! It was so worth it!!
2 days later I got a concussion/black eye in my soccer game and I was out of commission for a couple days. People were mocking me because I jumped out of a perfectly good airplane and survived.. but then in a little game of soccer, and I was done. Har har har. Within the first 10 minutes of my game, this guy threw his head back while I was behind him, and he smacked his head against mine. My eye was insta-swollen and I was super dizzy and had a wicked bad headache.. but I kept playing! We were short players, okay?! I had to! But you would be glad to know that I played the whole game and we won! =) haha. I didn't really think I had a concussion cause I wasn't super out of it, although I could tell I wasn't playing as good as I usually do. Some guys on my team, and Levi told me to go to the hospital and get my head checked out, so I drove home somehow and... yup I most definitely had a concussion! In fact that doctor told me I WAS NOT allowed to work for 3 days and that I definitely wasn't allowed to play soccer for a while. I couldn't watch TV, read or do physical activity. This was going to make for a boring next couple days... Levi came out to Raymond to take care of me that night and then the next day he took me out to Cardston so that he could keep an eye on me and that we could go to his big extended family reunion.
Although apparently Levi wasn't keeping a close enough eye on me! Levi was putting on a shooting range thing with his guns at the reunion, so he was prepping them for that evening. He had to run outside to do something for a minute. In the meantime, Levi's brother grabbed one of his guns and was doing something to it and the gun accidently went off in the house!! I guess there was a bullet still in the chamber on accident! I wasn't even a foot away from where the bullet hit!! The bullet hit the binder next to me and went through the couch!
I told Leland all he needed to do was tell me he didn't like me! He didn't have to try to kill me!! Needless to say.. I had had enough adventure in the last couple days!! Never been skydiving! Never had a concussion before. Never been shot at before!! Leland felt so bad!!!!
It was like a 3 days reunion at this cabin out at Payne lake. There were SO many people! So much food! and soo many activities! I couldn't participate in the activities as much as I wanted to, but it was fine cause we had fun anyways! Levi was off gallivanting most of the time. He was either wrestling with kids, taking kids on kayak rides, shooting guns with the guys, or entertaining people with his music. What a people person! On the Saturday night, there was a little program/talent show thing. I got coerced into doing a little poetry for it. Levi performed a song a he wrote and dedicated it to me in front of everyone. What a sweetheart. I do adore this boy.
And the last thing I'm going to write about is how Levi killed my phone. But we are even now because I accidently smashed his phone on the day we went to Calaway park. (It's a good thing we both have a sense of humor.. because there are a lot more clutzy moments to come from both of us. We are such airheads.) So we took Levi's nephew fishing in some kayaks. Levi was just planning on towing Mason around so he only brought 2 paddles (one for me and one for Levi). Mason wanted to go kayaking around the lake so I gave him my paddle and I was just going to float until they were ready to come pick me up. I had brought my phone and a book I had borrowed from a friend. I put them in a Ziploc bag though!! Anywho.. I had my legs resting on top of my kayak so I could get some sun and I was reading my book. All of a sudden, I see Levi coming right at me! He thought it would be funny to ram into me... It wasn't the impact of Levi's blow... but more so the fishing rods hanging over the front of his boat with the hooks dangling right in my face! I went to dodge the hooks, and in doing so, lost my balance and tipped my kayak. Out flies my borrowed book into the lake! And goodbye phone! Actually, we did find it. And it was in the bag. But I guess there was a hole in the bag? So ya... my phone tragically drowned enough so that not even a bag of rice could bring her back to life. Like I said though. Now we are even haha.
Anyways. I give kudos to the person that actually makes it all the way through this blog post. Longest tail I've ever written!
Love ya'll!

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