Thursday, October 20, 2011

2 Sprained Ankles in 2 Weeks

The only reason I'm blogging right now, is because I can't sleep, I can't move, and I'm bored... I sprained my ankle last night in practice-- that's the second time this month!!

The Tuesday before Thanksgiving, I sprained my right ankle in indoor soccer.  I was going up against this guy, I kicked the ball and on my follow through, I stepped on his foot, and went over on my ankle, smashing my face on the sideboards. (it's alright if you laughed while picturing this pathetic display.. I'm sure it looked really funny)
This is a bad angle, but you can get the jist that my right ankle was like twice the size of my left

The reason its all lumpy and stuff, is because I had it wrapped right before I took the picture. My ankle was still really swollen and bruised by my heel as well as going up ankle.
 I was on crutches for the week, and had to go to athletic therapy to get it worked on.  It was raining and cold that week that I was crutching around, and I had to walk back and forth, back and forth from the institute building to the college multiple times in one day. I was a half hour late for one of my classes because it took me so long to hobble over there! On my way back to the institute building, I crossed paths with Nigel.  He must have sensed my frustration and fatigue because he offered me a ride. I politely declined, assuring him that it wasn't that far. "Are you sure you don't want a ride? Do you want a ride?" he says. Me- "Well... kinda, yeah..." Him- "Alright, hop on!"
hahaha I thought it was so funny! What a nice guy eh? He was on his way to the college, and I was juuust leaving the college, so he piggy backed me all the way from the college to the institute building, and then had to run back to the college. Whaaaat a gentleman =)

So basically, I had been cleared to play again this past weekend, I played in both my indoor games (kinda tweaked my ankle in my monday night game), and then I somehow managed to sprain my OTHER ankle in practice last night! It's official. I have cankles. 
I didn't fall asleep until 3 am last night because my ankle was so uncomfortable (and I left my pain killers in the car), then I woke up at like 7:30 am when I moved and tweaked my ankle. I tried to get out of bed, and realized I can't put any pressure on my foot! I had to get my roommate to grab my cereal, milk, bowl, spoon, and ice (for my ankle), and then I literally had to crawl to the fridge to put my milk away, and then crawled back to my room! I feel so pathetic, haha.
So here I sit, undecided on whether I should suck it up and go to class, or stay home and relax.

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