Sunday, May 15, 2011

I'm a Belieber

Ah man, I can't believe how fast this school year has gone by! (Although sometimes it has felt painfully slow.) I have my first final exam tomorrow.  I'm kinda freakin out... I have my Massage Theory exam tomorrow, then a week off, and BAM! 5 exams in a row! seriously... who makes the schedule?? Tuesday is Pathology, Wednesday Musculoskeletal Anatomy, Thursday Systems Anatomy & Massage Oral Practical, & Friday is my final Physiology exam. Then I'm AB bound! I can't wait!!

So I actually had a really good weekend! I was having a really rough week... nothing was going how I wanted it to and I was feeling really lonely in my big empty house.  I may or may not have had a little break down and almost came home.  I was dying of boredom studying all day on Friday and then my friend Steven showed up on my doorstep and surprised me with a weekend visit!! It was so great!! Just what I needed! We went out to Denny's and had breakfast at 12:30 am, then went out for lunch on Saturday afternoon, he helped me study, we played soccer , I got flowers from my landlord =) and then we went to our Justin Beiber party!! (Highlight of my weekend!!)

We had a BeiberQ (BBQ) while listening to his CD's and dancing (k, so maybe I was the only one dancing) and THEN for the main event we got to watch Justin Beiber Never Say Never! I'm not gunna lie, I had a giddy girlish grin on my face for the entire 105 minutes of it!!
Eat your heart out ladies

And then church was just great today. It always is! Anyways... back to the books! I got to study extra diligently today since I had a case of the Beiber Fever last night and couldn't study

Happy Sunday everyone!! <3 Ya'll!

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