Monday, May 9, 2011

I just need to take a minute to brag about one of my accomplishments =)

When I first started school in September, I learned that everyone in my class had to get 100 massage credits for the year.  I was so worried that I wasn't going to be able to make my quota because I just moved here and literally the only person I knew was Chance. I felt like everyone else in my class had an advantage because they were all either from Saskatchewan with family in the area or they had friends out here who were going to come support them and help them get their credits.

Well guess what... I got my 100 credits as of Friday! I was the first one in my class to get all of my credits! I think alot of the people in my class still have about 30-40 credits to get.  I was surprised every month to find out that I was on top in my massage credits! I honestly just got so lucky in having all of the most amazing, supportive, dedicated clients!! I am so grateful for all the wonderful people I have met this past year and who I have gotten to know throughout the weeks as they came back to get massages from me.  I seriously love being a (soon-to-be) massage therapist! Ask Chance, I came home every night with a big (tired) smile on my face saying "I LOVE BEING A MASSAGE THERAPIST! Everyone I meet is so amazing and so great!" I always came home feeling confident and feel that I'm actually good at something!

This one time, I had a client come in and when I saw him my jaw dropped! He was this jacked 60 year old with tattoos everywhere! He looked like he was part of the Hells Angels! Needless to say I was Terrified!! I was still pretty fresh and unsure about the whole massage thing (We just kinda got "thrown" into clinic.  Sink or swim right?) and I thought he was going to break me like a twig if he didn't like the massage!  After a about 10 minutes into the massage, he made some sort of comment about alcohol and asked me if I drank or something, where I replied "No I don't drink.  I have never drank before" And he was all, "You must be a Mormon" .... how could ya tell? hah... Then he went on to tell me how he was taking discussions from the senior missionaries, the Robinsons.  The same missionaries that I was taking Temple Prep from at the time! I got pretty excited and started asking him all these questions and talking to him about the church.  Before ya know it I was bearing my testimony to him... as I was massaging his glutes. Yes, his bare bum cheek. Ahh I am so ridiculous! I wasn't even thinking how awkward of a situation that was until afterwards!!
But anyways... this guy actually turned out to be completely different than what I perceived of him when I first saw him! He was really funny and very personable.  He ended up becoming one of my regulars, and every week I would "check up on him" and one week I even challenged him to only smoke half a pack of cigarettes a day rather than his usual full pack a day! (I'm pretty sure that was extremely unprofessional of me to do at school during clinic hours!... Meh!) I never did find out how he did with my challenge cause he had to go in for surgery before I could massage him again! But I will always remember the guy who I bore my testimony to while massage his gluteus. haha

I have also had:
  • someone ask me if he could come over to my house instead of to the school and he would just pay me instead.... just after he told me that he thought I was cute.  I'm flattered, but that's unprofessional on so many levels
  • someone tell me they have been to alot of massage therapists in their life and that I am just as good if not better than most of the people she has gone to.... =D
  • men come and tell me they like "deep DEEP tissue massages" and that I "won't hurt them"... It's always my personal goal to make them squeal by the end of the massage... and I always succeed ;)
  • someone repeat their phone # to me the entire time I massaged them in hopes I would accept it. 
  • multiple confidence boosters from all sorts of people encouraging me in my pursuit of my career
  • a couple people tell me, "you know, for such a small girl, you are very strong!" (must be them 8 pounders I've been crankin at the gym!)
  • overheard a conversation of my Massage teacher singing my praises to one of my soon-to-be regulars =)
  • the most interesting conversations, heard some really awsome stories and have gotten to know some really amazing people!
  • alot of learning experiences
  • a couple people tell me I have a very soothing voice (haha) and that they would come back to me just for the conversation.
I love the people I meet, I love the stories I hear, I love hearing that I have made someone's day better.  All in all, I love being a Massage Therapist!

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