Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Little Bit Stronger

This is a pretty good  indication of how I'm feelin these days.  Sometimes I wonder if I did the right thing by moving out to Saskatchewan; Or if it was a spontaneous decision made by a naive girl.  I'm aware that I do things "spur-the-moment" sometimes.... but didn't I put alot of thought and prayer into this decision? Didn't I get that "go ahead" sort of feeling?  I know I got my confirmation.  Now, why am I questioning my decision? And why didn't things turn out how I was sure they were going to?
Sooo many questions... sooo much unsurity

Anyways... I actually am doing really good here though.  Studying is going good. Slow... but good.  I had my first exam on Monday. I think I did good... I felt really good about it.  FHE was pretty fun! We had a bonfire, roasted hotdogs & mallows and I played some football with the guys. I also emailed the Calgary PIMT to inquire about a transfer for next year... so we'll see what they say!

I had a ton of realtors come over to my house yesterday morning to check the place out.  I knew they were coming, but accidently slept in.  The doorbell was rang, and all of a sudden I heard a stampede of feet piling into my house.  I staggered out of bed, threw on a sweater and ran upstairs.  There were probably 20 realtors standing in my front entry way with more on their way in.  I blinked my bleary eyes at them.
Realtor- "Oh, were you sleeping? Did we wake you?"
Me- "Ohhh noo.. I was just waiting for you guys to get here"
Realtor- "..."
Me- "Ok fine! you caught me..."
Realtor- "haha. You can go back to your room then. We'll lock up when we're done"
Me- slumps back to my room, still half asleep

Oops... my bad. After they left, the realtor guy texted me and told me of all these appointments they had made and that they would prefer if I wasn't in the house.... soo I got kicked out of my house from noon-7pm.  I was at the school for 7 stinkin hours, yet I don't feel like I made any progress! But since I was so dilligent in my studies, I treated myself to some new nailpolish colors and $5 sale movies!  Can't go wrong with Hot Chicks (with Rob Schnieder) & bright yellow nail polish!! Every time I look at my happy yellow nails, Im in an instagood mood =)
Go paint your nails yellow and have a happy wednesday everyone!!

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  1. Hey there girl, hang in there, rely on the Lord, he will get you through this, even if you feel so alone. I love ya so much and know that you are so strong, beautiful and can accomplish anything!! Good luck on all your exams!