Friday, September 2, 2011

A Nice Stroll Around the Block

I decided to take the risk of taking my dogs for a walk while I rollerbladed tonight...

I think these pictures speak for themselves...

I'll just tell you about 2 of my many close encounters with the pavement...

1. My dog saw another dog. I think you all know what that means... Hunny and Hank took off... and I definitely followed. I screamed for my dog to stop as my wheels peeled out! Hunny was swerving back and forth in front of me, knocking my rollerblades as she ran. I'm so surprised I didn't bite the pavement. When I finally got my feet on a patch of grass and stopped, I noticed the 3 onlooking guys...  I tried to catch my breath as I began to explain " I ...almost... had a ...heart attack..".  They just continued to stare and didn't say a word.
Big Gulps huh?... Well... see ya later!

2. Two dogs in one block? Yep... We were in the home stretch as this huge mother dog came barreling towards us. Off I go again. I'm pretty sure when I say "Hunny! No! Stop! Heal!", she takes that as a, "Hunny! Go! Run Faster!" (did I mention she's crazy? A cute crazy though)
Then I proceded to watch my dogs get in a big scrap fight as I hollered and tried to get the dogs away from eachother.
Stupid idiots.
 I'm never taking them on a rollerblading walk ever again!
Hahah it was ridicuous!

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