Friday, September 2, 2011

Good Day

Today was an all around, good day.  It started off with a nice long visit with my Grandpa Garner. He is such a wonderful inspiration to me. I love him so much. He is so amazing, that he deserves his own blog post! (That is saying a lot folks! haha), then I went into Lethbridge to run some errands.  I am one step closer to getting school figured out. Happy day! Mid errand-run, I decided to take a stroll to the LDS book store... and ended up leaving with a few more books than I had intended to.  But I'm very excited to read them! I got the first volume of the Gospel Studies Series for the Book of Mormon, that I can't wait to crack open! I have a student manual for the Doctrine and Covenants that breaks down the verses which gives more insight into the chapters and I love it! So I know I'm going to love my BOM study book too!

After my pit stop at the book store, I went to visit Marnie Pasterfield.  Poor dear had a double knee replacement! I am so excited for her to get all healed up and running again! I am amazed at the wonderful positive attitude Marnie always has! (She is also amazing enough to have her own blog post dedicated to her! Marnie is that great!) The Pasterfield's are wonderful! Then I went to hang out with some new friends of mine. We went out skeet shooting. I am just going to pretend that I didn't hit myself in the nose when the gun kickedbacked after my shot. And I'm going to pretend that I didn't accidentally throw the entire skeet thrower instead of just flinging the skeet out of the thrower thing....
We went to Moxies afterwards, then hung out and played games afterwards. It was just a good, chill day. I'm content =)

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