Monday, August 29, 2011

What is Repentance?

"Many times a bishop will write, "I feel he has suffered enough!" But suffering is not repentance.  Suffering comes from lack of complete repentance.  A stake president will write, "I feel he has been punished enough!" But punishment is not repentance.  Punishment follows disobedience and precedes repentance.  A husband will write, "My wife has confessed everything!" But confession is not repentance.  Confession is an admission of guilt that occurs as repentance begins.  A wife will write, "My husband is filled with remorse!" But remorse is not repentance.  Remorse & sorrow continue because a person has not yet fully repented.  Suffering, punishment, confession, remorse, and sorrow may sometimes accompany repentance, but they are not repentance.  What, then, is repentance?"
(Elder Theodore M. Burton, Ensign, Aug. 1988)

I came across this little ditty tonight during my scripture study.  I have an idea, for myself, what repentance is.  What do you think repentance is?! Get your gears goin and really focus on how you perceive repentance.

Feel free to tell me if I am getting too preachy these days, hahah.  Night ya'll <3

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