Friday, August 5, 2011

Busy Bee

Life has been busy busy lately!
I have been a workin machine these days (which I love!)
I worked on Thursday and Friday til 9 pm
I worked on Saturday til 6 and then rushed home to get ready to go fishin!!
Alli's first time fishin! 

I love this picture! It was such a kodak moment.. I think this was right after Alli almost snagged Kody and I on a cast

we had 4 people crammed onto this little fishin boat! Equipped with propeller and fish finder! (Nothin but style and class for this crew!)

Captain Ferguson. 

Oh just a perfect sunset, that's all =)

fishing took a turn for the worst when Tanner's rod snapped on a BIG FAT.... chunk of weeds. No... we didn't even catch any fish. 

the crew with our fishin boat! 

There were thousands of bugs on shore...They all swarmed into my hair. 

Sunday was amazing. As per usual. 
Wanna know what else is amazing?? Kyle Stringam. I love that man so much! We chilled at church =)
We were reunited this night at the ugly sweater party... and life got a whole lot sweeter!  =)
I worked late on Monday because we had renovations to the store.  So we had to take every single shoe, purse and shelf off the walls (There was alot more than you would think!) It was so bare after! it was weird!
Then I went over to my Grandpas house to prepare his basement suite in preparation for this cute Arizona boy to come visit me!!  
Anyways.. I got 3 hours of sleep and then had to get up super early on Tuesday morning (my day off) to help get the store set up so we could open on time.  We were all wearing grubby clothes with no makeup and greasy hair (I guess I can only speak for myself... haha) and when we opened, we still had to help customers. Gross. haha.

I got done work by noon and had the whole day ahead of me! (I'm not used to getting off work this early!!) So I called Valena and we went for a bike ride and out to lunch.  I love that girl!! Our afternoon was full of smiles and laughing and planning our futures together.  We decided that the whole purpose of us moving out to yucky Saskatchewan was so that we could bond.  I'm almost certain that is why I was meant to move to Saskatoon... We were meant to be together hahah.  Our paths just keep miraculously pointing us both in the same direction.... soooo we'll see where our futures take us ;)  I'm really excited about our plans! They are going to work! We'll make them!! =D

After our little hangout sesh, I went to play with ma boys! I was greeted by Batman, Superman... and Batman. Ashton, Nolan and Nixon had blue and red kitchen towels as makeshift capes as they flew in for big hugs for Aunty Amy! We built forts and played Tigers in our "cave".  Oooh how I love my nephews!
I went home after and did some stuff around the house for a bit.  About 45 minutes before I had to leave for my soccer game, I laid down for a "half hour nap" which consisted of me sleeping through my alarm and waking up at 9:30 pm.  Brandon tempted me with homemade brownies and  ice cream. That was the only reason I rolled out of bed.  So I went over to his house, ate a brownie, went home and fell asleep half way through watching Sanctum (I was claustrophobic just watching it!)

Wednesday... I worked and then played on my women's league.  We dominated! I think the final score was 9-0 for us =) 
Today I worked til 9 and it was super busy! Usually on a good day I can sell like $1000 worth of shoes but today I almost sold $2000 worth of shoes! ...I'm tired. 

Annnyways... Wesley and Preston gets here in 38 hours!!... not that I'm counting.. k, so I'm a little excited... haha last night I kept having dreams that Wesley was going to be here in like an hour and I was getting so antsy that it kept waking me up! I thought it was for real *deep breath* I can wait a day and a half... and then I have a whooooole week off work to chill with this fella!! Daaaah... life is good...
This little treasure was when we pulled an all nighter and watched an AZ sunrise! =)


  1. Can't wait to hear stories of the next week... Am sooo bummed we leave tomorrow morning! Another bike ride is due when I get back..

  2. Done!! ... You sure you cant postpone til Sunday...? =)