Friday, August 19, 2011

Sometimes the Answer is No

"My Child
Make no mistake
Every prayer you pray
Gets answered
Even though sometimes
The answer is no"

I'm sure we have all prayed for things that we wanted so strongly, only to have that desire left unfulfilled.  Think back to one of those times where the answer was no.  It was alright, wasn't it? Maybe even better off that you didn't get what you were longing for??  The thing that I need to wrap my head around is that the Lord knows us so much better than we know ourselves and he truly knows what is best for us... mind boggling, right?! =P  I was reflecting back on past yearnings that I fervently prayed for because I wanted it SO bad.... and I am indebtly grateful that this naive little Amy didn't just get everything "handed" over to her! (It's actually quite comical- the desires of young teenage girls. BAH!)
"When I think of all the answers in my life, I would have to say, there's no doubt it was always for the best when I didn't get my way".
BUT I am also grateful that I have been given opportunities to be humbled. There have been times where the Lord lets me learn the hard way...  W'hen I get to "venture off" and "find my way back" so to speak.  Sometimes it's harder to find our way back than other times. (The important part is that we find our way- back to Lord, that is)

Hahah.. anyways... those were my random thoughts for the evening. Thank you B Paise for inspiring this blog post.

By the way... if anyone is in the mood for a good scripture reading, Alma and Amulek would be glad to share their thoughts with you. Alma 8-15. Alma & Amulek rock.  Zeezrom is a stupid idiot... until he realizes his stupid idiot ways. Although all 8 chapters are flippin sweet... Alma 14 is so hardcore!! Gooo read it!!

Night ya'll... Love ya'll

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