Friday, August 26, 2011

10 Minutes to Live

If I had 10 minutes to live with no restrictions.. what would I do... I don't know if it is because of this melancholy mood I'm in or not...

but I think I would just want to sit and read my scriptures.

Part of me thinks that I should want to feel the urge to jump out of planes for the ultimate skydiving experience or dive off the tallest bridge in the world to get that ultimate adrenaline rush...

You would think I might want to be surrounded by people so that we could all share eachother's love (If you asked me the same question tomorrow, I might be in the mood for this kind of parting.. but not tonight) That would be too overwhelming and emotional for me.

Another route to take would be to tell a significant person how much they actually mean to you, or to share a kiss with a certain someone one last time.. But that just doesn't seem fitting for my mood right now either...

I just want to bask in the Lord's love and read. Let all my cares of this crazy world slip away. Nothing seems more peaceful and reassuring than to cleave unto this book that God had prepared a way for us to recieve. In fact... that sounds so appealing.. that I think I might just go get lost in the pages of Alma right now. 

P.S. I got myself a gourmet pack of colored SMENCILS... they are just like smelly pencil crayons. They are my new scripture marking pencils! I love them! Nothin beats reading and coloring while getting whiffs of cotton candy, very berry, bubble gum, root beer, grape, orange, watermelon, cinnamon, black cherry and tropical blast! Mmm mmmm!!

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