Friday, July 29, 2011

Dear ______

Why did you have to make that final debut into my life?
I don't understand.
I was doing fine before you showed up again.
I was great actually. 
I got over you so fast and was moving on...

Then you begged to come back into my life.
I gave you a second chance because I thought things could go back to how they used to be before all the crazy.
You reminded me of the special feelings I had for you.
 You got my hopes up again.
 You lied to me again.

I don't understand why I am having a harder time getting over you this time.
 I don't understand why I still love you after all this crap.
Whhhyyyy have you been on my mind all day?! Ugghh...

Also.. no one warned me of that silly side effect that comes with heartache.
I suffer from a case of the insomnia these days. 
I took a sleeping pill for the first time. 
It was in interesting experience, I tell ya!

Hmm.. Maybe this quote has more truth to it than I thought

This song must be a real breakup crowd pleaser cause I have seen it on like 3 other girls' blogs hahah

What you didn't realize is that I can be so much more than what you gave me credit for, and that you are missing out on the best thing you never had (I had to tie that in somehow haha)

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