Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Month in a (Very Large) Nutshell

Let's see what I have been up to for the past month:

First off... I LOVE my family & friends!! Life has been so great being back in SoAB!!

I hung out with these yahoos

The boys have a book where you can decorate the people's faces and make them look really silly... sooo we took it to a new level and decorated our own faces instead! 

There was a capture the flag YSA activity out at Writing On Stone.  If you can believe it, this was my very first time playing! yahoo!
Chasey and me on the way to Writing on Stone.  Chase just recently got home from his mission! It was so great to get to hang out with him all day and be capture the flag buddies! We are so hardcore! 
I love this place.

Can't escape the hoodoos without leavin a piece of ya behind.  I was actually scared for my life while playing capture the flag in the hoodoos.  I mean, you're sneaking around, trying to get close to the other team's flag, but when they spot you, and start chasing you.. you better hope that your depth perception and footing don't fail you.. otherwise I'm pretty sure you could fall to your death in some places! This guy was chasing me and as we were jumping from rock to rock, I could hear him repeating "Please don't die! Please don't die! Please don't die!" hahah 

 These guys are some hardcore hoodoo climbers! 

I'm playing on 2 soccer leagues this summer.  My women's league for my 3rd year, and then I got recruited onto my friend Jordi's Co-ed league.  It's pretty much been the highlight of my week to be able to play soccer twice a week and to hang out with a bunch of old Magrath buddies again.  Speaking of Magrath buddies... guess who's home for the summer! Connor! He's playing on my soccer team too! So after our game, we went to see the Green Lantern for Kyle's birthday on June 21st!!  
Kyle's representin with the Green Lantern shirt!
 This boy needed a birthday smooch cause he's the BEST!! Seriously.. Kyle is one of the nicest guys I have ever met! I'm so glad I got to celebrate this special day with him!

took my pups for a swim at old corner lake!

 One of my old highschool friends, Gregg Karren just got home from his mission in Washington
 We went to a movie night at another friend's house a couple doors down later that night.  They had a big projector screen outside and everybody got to snuggle up in blankets on the lawn (we snagged the trampoline! snice!)

 Horseback riding with Chance! We had a really good time =) 
On to July 1st!! 
I had to work. bleh. BUT I called in and told them I was coming in late so I could watch the parade at least! Turns out I didn't exactly get to watch much of the parade... 
I made the mistake of feeling sorry for my puppies that they had to stay home when all these festivities were going on! Soo I took Hank and Hunny to the parade.  Hunny still gets super excited when she sees people and thinks that everyone in the world is here to play with her.  Hank doesn't need a leash cause he's usually a good dog.  So picture this.  I'm wearing a dress and a scarf that is threatening to blow everywhere because of the typical SoAB wind.. I'm trying to keep from flashing people as well as trying to keep my scarf around my neck.  Hunny is ripping my arm out of my socket because she is SO excited with all the people everywhere! Hank is running around in people's yards and completely ignoring me when I call him! People are laughing at me and cracking jokes like the typical, "looks like your dog is taking you for the walk! Gaphaaaw!" Mid death glare to comedian bystanders, and another person says with disgust, "Ugh! Is that YOUR dog taking a crap in my flower bed?!?"  JUST GREAT!!... I made it a block and a half. Comedian bystanders continue to crack jokes as they see my walking back to my car! 
I put the dogs in a timeout in my car, and rushed to where my family was watching the parade.  I saw a total of 7 floats and got 4 candies before I had to head to work. hmmph! 
Good thing she's cute...
Work was RIDICULOUSLY slow!! I had to miss the rodeo, family BBQ, and all the other July 1st festivities. But you're right. I had sooo much more fun standing around in a 10x10 shoe box =) (jk I really do love my job) 
After work I hung out with the fam for a couple hours

Then I hung out with these yahoos.  
Roping is our new favorite pastime! Only in Raymond can you chill in the middle of the road and rope a fake cow for hours on end. It's totally the normal thing to do! 
We actually ended up missing the fireworks because we were having too much fun ropin and blastin some T-Swift!

Next big event:
Waterton with the fam! 
Momma G
My main man, Ashton
Nickers and Noleypoley! 
I love my family!
Nixon and Nolan made quite the mess with their ice cream. spillin it ALL over themselves!! All we could do was laugh and take pictures. hah! 
Typical Big Scoop ice cream stop
I love my nephews 
I "ruined" their picture when I jumped in behind their little photo op session... so they jumped in to ruin my self portrait! the nerve!!
My little Ashton! Love him! 
He was pretty excited at how close this little critter would get to him
What's a trip to Waterton without getting the infamous  Cameron Falls
Well, I'm just going to post this.  Don't worry... I still have a "part 2" comin your way!!  I still have like 2 and a half weeks worth of blogging to cover! my goodness! Where does the time go?!

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