Monday, July 25, 2011

Part 2

Part 2! 
There is difficulty with trying to remember the past month without pictures to refresh my hazy memory! Sooo... I will just tell you about the stories that come with my small collection of photos. 
Hunny caught a mouse! She was so proud of herself!
Tis the season to get married! fa la la la la.... I am blown away at the amount of people getting engaged/married!! I'm pretty sure everyone in my grade made it their goal to get married by the end of the year... and I just missed the memo. Oh well! I'm soooo happy for all my friends that are starting this new chapter in their life now =) 
Julie Hatch became Julie Duce on July 9th! Mike is a lucky man, I tell ya! 
I loved their cowboy theme wedding! The decorations and cake were fabulous! 

Seriously!! How gorgeous is this lady?! 
The Duces (with Mike's nephew)

Another thing I love about this season: 
Everyone gets to come home for the summer! I am loving all this catch-up with old high school friends! It's so fun to hear what people have been up to and their goals in the future!  
I got to play catch up with these Amazing ladies! I love them soo much!! I can't believe they are all married.. haha

Jordi and I had been craving to go fishing.  So on our day off from work, we set up camp out at old Ridge Reservoir with our lawn chairs, fishin rods, ipod, spitz and pop, Dennis the Dog equipped with his own  blanket and umbrella.... Nothin but style and class for Den Den! 
It's a good thing I'm a good co-fisher, because if it hadn't been for me, Jordi would not have caught this monster of a fish!! 
Jord didn't want to 'get his hands dirty' by touching the minos and sea weed, so I always made sure to put his bait on and clean off the sea weed that accumulated on his hook! I had gotten a couple nibbles and bites but hadn't had any luck pullin in any walleye. Jordi was getting bored at the lack of fish action and was about to give up, but I made him cast his line in once more!! (I even cleaned and baited his hook again) 2 minutes later.... This little buddy arrived! Fetch yes!! Oh... and then I had to be the one to get the fish off the hook and put it back in the water... a little fish slime never hurt anyone...

Hunny and I took a roadtrip to Magrath to watch Austin play some softball.
gettin ready to hit one of many home runs of the game
you guessed it. Homerun!
Amanda is moving to Japan for a year!! We had a going away party for her. How fun! 
non-alcohol celebratory orange juice shots! haha
It was funny because Jen bought a round of fake shots for everyone.  There was a few LDS people there and you should have seen their faces when the server started passing them around. hahah it was pretty priceless. Jen had to assure everyone that they were JUST orange juice!! ...the skepticism on everyone's face was very apparent. hahah 
Amanda in her little Japanese dress 
Me, Amanda, Jen

Brandon and I went fishin at Corner lake in Raymond for a bit.  We were using out secret fishing tackle weapon.  Brandon lured this stinky pike in and I snagged it! Succckaa!!  

Two of my old Magrath highschool buddies, Gregg & Ethan, just got home from their missions and had their homecoming talks this last sunday.  Let me tell you... these guys are sooo amazing! You could just tell by the way they spoke in their talks that they LOVED their missions and the people they served.  Their testimonies and love for the Savior is so strong that it made their light shine so bright! I am just soo proud and so happy for them!!! 
just a little friend and family BBQ at the Karren residence 
Bethany, me, Ellen (we love her!) & Ali
The best friend Becky (everyone check out her blog because apparently she has a "stellar post in the works" ... no pressure Sparks ;) )
I love these ladies! So much! 
The fabulous sunday afternoon kinda took a turn for the worst, when I was informed that my Grandpa's wife, Edna, passed away unexpectedly.  How lucky we are to have the knowledge of the atonement in our lives! We have to look past the tragedy and realize the great blessing that the Lord provided for us. 
I took Ashton over to my friend Jared's house to play some driveway hockey while the adults were discussing things. Ashton loved every second.  He made sure to give us a highfive every time one of us scored, and scrunched his face and did a little "oooh good try, Amy" every time I missed the net (which was alot) Ashton was fast friends with "Jarob" and his hockey net. 
Man.. I am so blessed with amazing friends! Valena Bevans has been my rock this past year. I can't even begin to describe how much I appreciate her always being here for me during this interesting stage in my life!
She came out to visit the working hubby me in Raymond last Monday so we took my nephew for a bike ride as we rollerbladed.  Valena + Me - rollerblade skills = Fail
It's been about 30 years since either of us have been rollerblading.  So of course there were alot of close calls as well as alot of "Ashton! Slow down! Wait for us!!" As my 4 year old nephew with training wheels left us in the dust! 

We went to visit Valena's Shawn at work, where he was driving the dump truck. Ashton was so enthralled with all the machinery (although he refused to go for a ride with Shawn's brother, Rob, in the Bobcat, saying "No... I can't drive yet cause I'm just wittle. I will drive when I'm big".) His face expressions were pretty priceless as we watched him eyeing that dump truck! 

Then Ashton took us over to "Jarob's" house all on his own! He remembered exactly where to go and which house was his (a 4 year old better at directions than I am? Surprising?... probably not)
Valena ("The girl with the funny name" as Ashton put it) was assigned to be goalie
Ashton actually has a pretty hard shot for a 4 year old! He told us he was going to play on the "Red and White" Calgary flames team when gets big.  That's ma boy! 
Ashton as a goalie, offensive player and a coach (last 3 pictures)
The rest of my week has just been busy busy! With work, soccer, babysitting, funerals, weddings, taking care of my puppies, running errands for the gas station... Life definitely hasn't been very dull, that's for sure! Meh.. I like it that way though! 
Anyways... That's my month is a (very large) nutshell 

Love ya'll! <3

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