Sunday, May 6, 2012

My New Friend

So while I was sitting in the airport, waiting to board my flight, a guy around my age asked me to watch his stuff for him for a couple minutes.  We started chatting when he got back and he told me that he knew he could trust me to watch over his stuff because my book that I was reading had a big picture of President Monson on the cover. I learned that my new friend, Tim Sharp, had just gotten his mission call from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to serve in Minneapolis, Minnesota! (also, he just turned 19 on April 23! I made sure to be the last one to sing him a wonderful rendition of happy birthday!)

The more we got to talking, the more special I came to understanding he is. We got talking about the church and I mentioned to him about how my friend Stephanie Penny just got baptized just recently (refer here) and Tim got all excited and whipped out his laptop and showed me this amazing video! (That's right, my friend Timothy Sharp is starring in a Mormon Message!)

Isn't that such a cool experience? I am so proud of both Tim and Danail =)
About a month ago, Tim asked me to join in on fasting for Danail because she wasn't doing too good... feel free to pray for this sweet, sweet girl.

K seriously... the world is so small! Especially the Mormon community... There is crazy connections everywhere! I got on the subject of what I was doing in AZ for my visit. I mentioned how I missed the Merchant sister's concert and that I was going to be staying at their house for the next couple days. That I was going to be hanging out with my ginger friend, Preston.
 Speaking of gingers, Tim told me about the last time he was flying from Great Falls to Arizona, he was sitting beside a ginger and a girl about his age. She wasn't a member, but the red haired guy was. So him and this guy ended up teaching the girl the first lesson on the flight. The other guy had a Book of Mormon on him, so he gave her the book, and then neither of them heard from her again.  Still... it was a pretty cool story.  My friend, Preston, picked me up from the airport and when I saw him, I gave him a big hug. Tim was behing me when Preston saw him.  "I KNOW THAT GUY!!" Preston yelled. Tim looked at him, and then looked at me, "This is the ginger you were talking about?!?! This is the guy I was telling you about!!" Turns out, we were both talking about the same ginger!... Soooo we had to get a picture together when we all met up at the Easter Pageant later that week. Small world eh??

I am SO happy I was lucky enough to meet Timothy Sharp. I think Tim and I must have been best friends in the pre-existence or something because we because insta-friends and I love him like a brother! He's my big little bro, and I love him =) Is that weird to say? haha
And out of all my friends, him and I skype the most. He's the best though =)

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