Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Soccer Update

This was one of the indoor soccer leagues I played in during my first semester.
I was playing in 3 soccer leagues during my last semester. Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Thursday League

So I maaaaay or may not have been on the roster for this team (picture above and below)... but I just kind of mooched my way onto the team... but to be fair.. they needed me! There were a couple girls on that team, but none of them ever showed up. And there were only ever 2 girls present in every game that I played so we both ended up playing full hour games because there has to be 2 girls on the field at all times. It was fun though! (*Side note. I dont think any of the girls in these pictures were actually registered on this team... haha oops) I dont know where we placed in any of our indoor leagues unfortunately. Ricky was my #1 fan and came to all my games with me and cheered everyone on... so obviously he got to be in all our team pictures

Thursday League again... and yes.. Nick (on the far right) is picking his nose.

Tuesday League

Tuesday League again

Southern Alberta weather is crazy... It likes to give us a taste of the summer... and then slam us with blizzards or rain storms... but this is what I have to say to you Mother Nature... Your torrential downpours and snow storms won't keep us from playing soccer!!
A bunch of us thought we were going out to play a nice
round of soccer on what looked like a beautiful afternoon,
 but 2 minutes after we started playing... well..
I'm sure you can guess what happened.

Snow?! 2 weeks into April?!

Whatevs! That won't stop me!
The weather was insane this night! We had a game at the end of April and it was a torrential downpour the WHOLE time!! My shoes got so heavy that it felt like each shoe was like 10 pounds! I kid you not, I had puddles in my shoes that I could dump out by the end of the game! It was so fun/cold/crazy! I love how no matter the weather in SoAB... games will hardly ever get cancelled! haha

So this summer I'm playing in 3 soccer leagues. I'm playing on a Co-ed league on Tuesday evenings... and I'm actually in charge of that team so I have been pretty busy! I'm playing on the Womens Panthers team again on Wednesday evenings, and I'm also playing on the Cardston Co-ed team on Thursday evenings! I'm loving it so far! Between games, practices, and fun kick-abouts with friends, I get to play soccer like 6 days/wk =)

Oh, and I'm doing summer school for massage therapy Monday-Thursday while working at Aldo on the weekends. As well as squeezing in time to hang out with my boyfriend who lives an hour away in Cardston. I'm a busy busy bee!!

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