Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Wisdom Teeth, Soccer, Dreams

Wisdom teeth suck.  I decided I might as well get mine pulled while I am still covered under my parents, even though I didn't need to get mine pulled in the near (or far) future. I just wanted to get it out of the way regardless.  Turns out, I don't have bottom wisdom teeth (fist pump!) and apparently those are the worst to get pulled and the ones that make your face swell the most. So I was pretty happy that my face wasn't likely to swell much. Anyways.. as soon as I got to the dentist office, I started to shake and got so scared! This was the closest I've ever been to a surgery and I was WILLINGLY going into it, knowing I was going to get sliced open and have my teeth pried out of my face... I was definitely having second thoughts about this wisdom tooth business...

The dentist mentioned a couple things while digging in my face. 1. My gums were super healthy and strong which was making his job alot more difficult. 2. That he was getting a workout trying to get my one tooth out. 3. That I have a little mouth and a little stubborn tooth that didn't want to come out.
As soon as he pulled it out, the dentist and the hygienist both cooed over my "cute baby wisdom tooth" "Aww that's the cutest little wisdom tooth I've ever seen!" "That is the smallest wisdom tooth I have ever pulled out! It's so cute!" I was having a little trouble showing my excitement over my "cute baby wisdom tooth" considering the dentist was digging around all up in my grill for the past hour. BUT they gave my teeth to me, so I could show them off. So here they are folks... you're welcome?
The little one still has a little meat on it. Sorry if that grosses anyone out hah

The only swelling I got was right after the surgery and it was only on my right side. It wasn't that bad, really. 
Swelling on my face. My right, your left

Attempted smile
I had slept for 12 hours the night before but I was completely wiped after an hour at the dentist office! All I wanted to do was lay down.  I ended up going out to Cardston to hang out with Ricky. He had play practice, so I just hung out and read my book/slept on the couches.  I ended up being too loopy to drive home, so I slept over at the girls house. I didn't mind because that meant I got to hang out with Ricky all the next day too! Once again, I mostly just read my book and slept on the couch down in the green room.  My T3s were making me really loopy and nauseous so I didn't want to eat anything because I would have thrown up! All I had in those 2 days were 3 slurpees (2 in one day! yum!) and one bowl of icecream. I ended up losing 5 pounds in 2 days. Yuck. I felt so sick, so Ricky made me spend the night again and then I would have to drive home early so I could get to work on time.  I really wasn't feeling up to working because I was in pain, and then when I took my T3s, I would be so out of it and sick to my stomach, and I was just so tired!
I got done work, went grocery shopping (mainly for frozen yogurt tubes because that is all I have been craving lately! That and slurpees) and then I planned on coming home to sleep and sleep and sleep! (I was feeling SO crappy and tired!). I ate some ichiban and then realized that I had a soccer game in like 20 minutes! I wasn't planning on playing because of the state I had been in for the past couple days and I was still feeling pretty out of it. I had my soccer stuff in my bag just in case though. I got there at 10 to and there was hardly anyone there... and no girls!! Our team is usually pretty good about showing up early so it was weird that like, no one was there. I didnt want our team to be playing 3 players short with no subs, so I decided right then that I was going to play so I hurried and got my gear on, and ran out onto the field 1 minute before the game started. The other girls showed up like 10 minutes late, but I just stayed on the field.  I would have played the whole game too, had some guy not rake-stomped my leg.  Like right on the achilles part. It hurt so bad! I took a sub, just thinking my leg was sore, but when I took off my shoe and sock, I found my leg was bleeding and you could see the cleat marks as well as the swelling and bruising already appearing.
This picture really doesnt do it justice

The good news was that I was fine playing and I didn't hurt my face anymore.  The bad news was that I got what I deserved for playing when the guy killed my ankle considering I shouldnt have been playing in the first place. 
Annnnnyways... On to what I was actually meaning to blog about...
Ever since I have been on T3s, I have not been able to control my sleeping! I am like an old person. You know the old men who sit on the couches in the mall and they are fast asleep in less than 30 seconds? I have never been the type of person to fall asleep in a car, sitting up, in public places... etc... but with the help of T3s, I have mastered the art of sleeping anywhere, any time! Along with my narcoleptic tendencies, I've also been having an increased measure of dreams! Especially the kind of dreams where I'm floating in between consciousness and sleep. For example. The other night, Ricky and I were cuddling on the couch, watching Prison Break. I could feel that I was pretty out of it. I was dozing in and out of consciousness as we watched and my dreams started incorporating what we were watching into my dreams. As Michael Scofield and Sucre attempted to break out of prison in my semi-sleeping dreams, something happened that scared me and made me jump big enough to wake me up. I looked beside me, and who was laying beside me?? Not Ricky... but Michael Scofield! Seriously... It wasn't Ricky! But I knew it was Ricky that I had been laying down with on the couch... so what was going on?! I don't remember exactly what I said to Ricky, but I know I told him that he was Scofield. I even pushed myself up off the couch to get a better view and focus my eyes a little better so that I could see that it really was, indeed, Ricky. But no. It was definitely Micheal. I was SO confused!!

There have been so many times this past week where I have had nightmares that have made me jump so bad that I wake myself up! It's been a little embarassing because I have been with Rick the majority of the week, so I have to try to explain that its a mix of the T3s and my dreams that have been making me act this bizarre. This isn't how I normally act. I swear.
So then last night, I woke up feelin pretty sore, so I popped a tylenol and went back to sleep. I then proceeded to dream about Justin Bieber.  My new best friend.  We had randomly met and had been hanging out quite a bit lately. We had been inviting eachother to random events like family BBQs. concerts, soccer games... you know.. typical places best friends would go together. Then one night we were hanging out, he tried to kiss me, and I shut him down hardcore. "Justin... I'm not easy like that. You know better than to randomly try to kiss me when we aren't at that place in a relationship yet. You're going to have to try alot harder than that if you want to be my boyfriend!" We kept hangin out though because we were tight, and he liked me ;-) haha it was kindof annoying though because everywhere we went, there was a stream of girls chasing him... but I felt so privilaged because out of all the girls, he wanted to be with me and WE were hangin out! hahahah

To make things even better... in my dream, we started having a church discussion and J was thinkin of goin on a mission (hahahah) David Archuleta style!
I woke up and then fell back asleep and had this completely different, but reccuring, dream about a war-type thing that I was in.  It was like a Lord of the Rings type war. Where there were people, and weird type of animal people (like orcs... but not exactly) and other human-like creatures. It was this massive war where everyone was fighting everywhere! We didn't have guns either. Just swords, spears, knives, and stuff.. It was terrifying and I was surprised I stayed alive for as long as I did! So at one point in my dream, we had this plan where a bunch of our guys were going to be hiding in a pitch black stairwell/hallway and some of out other guys were going to round them into this dark corridor and we were going to slaughter them! We all gathered together and painted ourselves black (we looked so gung ho!) as we waited in the hall for the fight. Just then, my roommate, Alicia ran around the corner wearing a weird little outfit and she had smothered mud all over her body and said "I'm ready to fight!" We all just looked at her funny and the captain told her that we already had enough people and that we didn't need her. It was really random and funny and it threw me off which woke me up.... so I didn't get to finish my dream. But it's okay because I already knew what happened since I've already had this recurring dream a couple times.  I just wasn't expecting Alicia to show up. It was alot cooler had you actually seen it. Wouldn't it be so cool if there was a machine that could record your dreams, that way you could watch them again?

In other news... look at my pretty nails =)

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